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Engineers and technicians know the frustration of attempting to perform checkplots, repair and change PCBs (Including lifting pads, cutting runs and placing blue wires), locate parts and provide documentation using the limited tools that have been available up to now.

Personnel have had to make do with expensive CAD design engineering tools that were not intended for troubleshooting tasks, or cumbersome paper printouts, mylars and layered codagraphs.

PCB View Station is an advanced, PC based tool that was specially designed to help reduce the frustration and improve the efficiency of PCB prototype verification, troubleshooting, repair and documentation. Developed by Sun-Up Software™, PCB View Station™ is a unique pioneering software application that utilized input data extracted from PCB design databases to quickly and easily locate and display parts, pins, signals, traces and vias on a personal computer.

Compatible with Popular CAD Packages
A standalone software product, PCB View Station™ is fully compatible with popular CAD packages on the market today, including board design products such as Cadence, Allegro, PADS ASCII, and Mentor Graphics Board Station.

PCB View Station™ translates the output of each of these products to a common format. This allows users to uniformly view PCBs designed with different CAD packages, and eliminates the need for users to learn multiple CAD tools. Having a common view of PCB data gives users maximum flexibility during the design and manufacturing process.

Return on Investment
If you are interested in adding PCB View Station™ to your tool suite, but are not sure how it will fit into your budget, or if you need some help justifying the purchase to your tools managers, download the PCB View Station™ White Paper (in Adobe PDF format) and PCB View Station™ ROI Calculator Tool (in Microsoft Excel™ format).

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Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface

PCB View Station’s graphical interface makes it fast and easy to use. It offers the following features:


Simply point and click on any PCB element – including parts, pins, traces (any layer) and vias – and PCB View Station™ quickly identifies it.

Locate by Name

Quickly locate parts, pins and signals by name, using a pop-up selection box.

Dynamic Zoom

Instantly zoom in on a selected area of the board being worked on.

Continuous Pan

Click on any location on the board to automatically center it in the window – it’s quicker and easier than scroll bars.


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The calculator has default values loaded in that are suggested values for large OEM organizations, with very conservative efficiency gain parameters dialed in. Adjust the defaults to model your own organization and process figures.