RadiSys “PCB View Station is an intuitive, versatile tool that is indispensable for documenting changes to PCBs. Just copy an image to the clipboard, paste it in a document, and mark up the changes. It’s that easy.”
Loren Davis, Test Engineering, Radisys Corporation

Tektronix “We use PCB View Station for all of our design reviews. The tool loads up the designs quickly and enables us to bring in a wider review audience without tapping into our CAD licenses.”
Don Gillispie, CAD Designer, Tektronix, Inc.

“Sun-Up Software’s PCB View Station is one of the most valuable tools we use on a daily basis. It saves me 30 to 40 minutes in a single day, and when I need to trace a signal or locate a short it has saved me hours. Everyone here who has seen it has raved about it.”
Ted Padgett, Technician, Tektronix, Inc.

“Sun-Up’s PCB View Station is fast, easy to use, and very complete. It is less expensive than using a PCB layout license and for viewing boards, more functional. Our engineers and technicians love it.”
Bart Welling, Director of Electronic Design, Tektronix, Inc.

“I have been a Board View user for over 20 years. I still find it an invaluable troubleshooting tool even today. The ease and speed of finding components, tracking connections, helping to locate shorts and faults is something a technician needs on a daily basis. This is especially true in a manufacturing environment. I have not seen a software tool that does this better than Board View. The ability to customize trace colors for different layers makes tracking connections through multiple board layers easy. The ability to show component part numbers and descriptions is also a very handy feature. I use the hover and tell feature for pin/signal names regularly. You can zoom in and out on a selection and jump around from one end of your board layout to another with just a click of the mouse. I would think every electronics technician would love such a tool.”
Irene Alora, Field Service Technician, Tektronix, Inc.

Trenton “We have used Sun-Up Software’s PCB Viewer for a few years now, and it has been a faithful tool in the plant. This product has helped us on every step of the manufacturing process, from assisting in programming the board and stencil design, to part number and designator lookup and even troubleshooting field returns. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the program itself is compact and efficient, which is refreshing in the days of 100 MB CAD packages! Technical support for this product has been superb, and we consider it one of the best software values in the plant. For a small shop like ours, I can think of no other product I would rather use. Thanks for such a great product!”
Edward S. Wheeler, Director of Manufacturing Engineering Trenton Technology, Inc.

Benchmark electrical “Our Test Department seats of PCB View Station paid for themselves in the second week! They helped us isolate some open inner layer problems on a problem fab, and prevented us from scrapping some fairly expensive boards.”
Doug Helbling, Test Engineer, Benchmark Electronics

3dfx “I purchased Sun-Up Software’s “PCB View Station” because it was the best tool that I could find in the marketplace to help the repair technicians at our manufacturing test stations. As an added bonus it’s been discovered by other groups in the company and now Engineering R&D, Returned Goods Repair and our Field Service engineers use it too! It’s been well worth the investment.”
Ann Haddad, Test Engineering, Manager 3dfx Interactive

Vanguard EMS logo “I have been using this product off and on since 1996 when it was called “PLocate,” and I love it! One of its biggest advantages is the ability to quickly find parts, nets and trace routings, making it particularly good for use in troubleshooting PCBAs. I find the measurement (ruler) features to be quite useful as well. You can also open two different versions of the same PCBA and “Alt-TAB” back and forth between them for a visual confirmation of fab changes.

These are just a few of the features available in this software. Highly recommended!”
Jim Cook, Test Engineer, Vanguard EMS, Inc.