Show Me Why – PCB View Station™


Why PCB View Station and not the FREE Viewers?
Because it gives you exactly what you need and nothing more!

It was developed for Engineers and Technicians, NOT PCB Designers. It is NOT a stripped-down CAD tool. It is an Engineering tool loaded with capability, yet easy to use. What it doesn’t have is the steep learning curve that comes with the FREE viewers. You can learn how to use the tool in a few minutes because only the function needed by an Engineer or Technician is displayed in the menus. This is the only tool you will need regardless of what CAD tool was used for the board design. Supports Allegro, Altium, Board Station, Expedition, PADS, etc.

Screen shot of PCB View Station

Design      Collaboration      Assembly      Test      Prototype      De-Bug      Rework/Repair

  • Search for a signal and Track it thru all the Layers
  • Flip the board over and view from the rear, rotate in 90 degree increments.
  • Find a Part and see all of the signals on its pins
  • Find all of the Test Points on the Top and /or Bottom
  • Create a Mark-Up file
  • Generate Reports

Now with an option to add Cross-probe to Schematic

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